Overcome The Struggle with keeping on top of things
This may be the ONLY planner that supports the brain's psychology.


Do you constantly struggle with...
procrastinating, having lists in various spots, and saying "yes" to too many things?
Then "UForward Planner" is made exactly for you!

We all know how hard it can be to deal with life's tasks. Our minds have a lot going on!

And it seems that no matter how hard we try... ...something is always slipping through the cracks.

This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the disappointment we see in people's eyes when we let them down.

Don't you wish your brain could just keep track of everything?

The good news is that there are things you can do...

...Without relying on endless To-Do lists, or

...Continuing to feel bad about missing deadlines.

The UForward Planner is designed with cutting edge psychology about the brain's executive functioning...

...the part of the brain that makes decisions, plans, and organizes.

Now, this isn't created just for you...

You see, Dr. Claire and Tom also struggle with managing a business, organizing a teenager, and keep our home lives going.

It's for us too.

We tried the other planners and journals and to-do list systems.
Many, many kinds.

They required too much writing and wasted space with silly questions about our lives. They were too distracting and not helpful enough to be worth using.

So it took psychology + creativity + passion to make the UForward Planner.

The time and embarrassment you'll save from not being in chaos is priceless.

We use it ...cause we want to live a life without the chaos too!

Created by Dr. Claire and Tom who manage their full lives and cope with ADHD traits

Imagine never falling behind and missing
out again...

Give yourself direction and be reminded of your intentions

Don't get caught doing tasks for everyone else (and not yourself)

Don't get stuck not knowing how to start big projects

Don't feel over-committed by saying "yes" to everything

Never lose another sticky note

Sometimes we just need the right tools to sort things out. Then, it becomes less confusing. We no longer have to ask, "why aren't things working?" The negative self talk begins to diminish too.

We begin to...

It feels great when we are getting things done and effectively scheduling our day. It builds confidence when you know how to chunk the big projects, schedule the immoveable tasks, and have more control over your distractions.

We're not saying a planner does all this for you. You still need to plan your weeks. But the UForward Planner DOES have the scaffolding for YOU to become a more effective planner.

Who is UForward For?

This is for those among us who can't turn it off ...who are distractible, impulsive, procrastinate, feel overwhelmed...

But, we still want to do our best work, get shit done, and live a full life!

we are:







If you've said "YES" to any of , then you are exactly who this UForward Planner would help.

So What's It Do For You?

It's all gotta be accessible

The Weekly Boss Plan and the Anchor In Time is the powerhouse behind this tool. Inspires you to do what you want THIS WEEK and what you should do NEXT WEEK.

Build resilience with meaning
Don't lose track of what you want from your life. Every now and then we have to step back to see the BIG PICTURE. Even once every quarter.
Never forget all the tasks going on inside your head
Not everything is going onto your weekly plan. These pages are where future tasks and jobs go... it's a way of storing and tracking tasks that you haven't scheduled yet.
Make space for the really, really important things in your life

We call it "Filling Your Jar" and it's an annual calendar to make sure you slot in the big or important events, plans, or dates for the year into your life.

Learn more with FREE videos from
Dr. Claire and Tom

Dr. Claire and Tom share their pro tips on getting the most out of this planner. Pick up tips on the psychology of personal planning.

Hi, I'm Dr. Claire Sira... As an expert in neuropsychology who also lives with ADHD, I have a unique perspective on how ADHD can get in the way of performing to our highest potential. As a practicing psychologist, I also appreciate how difficult it is for adults with ADHD traits to access accurate information about their symptoms.

Hi, I'm Tom Hudock... As a business coach and the founder of Boss Of Your Brain, I believe everyone learns best when their curiosity is engaged and I had the privilege of starting an inquiry-based middle school where student ideas and passions were translated into educational curriculum.
That's Why We've Put Together A Special UForward Toolkit Specifically Designed To Improve Your Daily Life
Plus videos...
UForward is the perfect planner to improve your life on a weekly basis without the unnecessary bits....

52 weeks for Weekly Boss Plan

52 weeks for Anchor In Time

4 Strategic Resilience pages

2 pages for your Master List

Fill Your Jar annual plan

FREE video series - The MOST from UForward

Grab UForward Today for ONLY $97 $67
Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you decide if UForward is right for you?

  • When do I receive the planner?
    When you order one, we will package it up and send it in the mail within 2 - 4 business days. Then it depends on where you're at and the efficiency of the postal service. Typically, within North America, it would take 2 - 5 days. Overseas to England, Australia, or Europe may take longer.
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    Absolutely! You have 30 days to try out the planner. But we want you to give it an honest try. To be up front, there are new techniques and skills in here that you won't find other planners, so it might take a bit of effort to get something new working for you.
  • I have ADHD. Do you have a coaching program that could support me with getting things done?
    Yes! As soon as you purchase, you'll be invited to apply for the Getting It Done with ADHD program.
  • Do I need anything else to use this planner?
    Nope! Each piece of paper you need is spiral bound in this booklet. Well, I guess you'll need a pen or pencil.
  • What if I'm unsure if this is going to help me?
    I understand... you have a choice. You can NOT buy the planner and continue doing what you're doing. I can only assume you're reading this page because you want things to be different. Things won't change unless you try something new. You second choice is to BUY the planner, try it, and learn new methods for managing your life. If it doesn't completely work for you, at least you've learned something new.
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    If you're still reading... then maybe this will help you decide. From 30 days of purchasing the planner you are not satisfied with the quality and the content, you can email us for a refund. No questions asked and we can still be friends. :-)

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